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Joanna’s fine with her random urges. She’s confident in her ability to paint masterpieces that fetch millions in a world of shrinking coasts, violent storms and all but outlawed paper. She’s clueless about everything else and the discovery that although dead, her mother Aroha is far from gone and is largely disapproving of her choices is just another thing to worry about. Aroha is an anomaly with shaky mental health, a soul without a body who can still touch the world but probably shouldn’t. She has awaited her daughter’s return home for 24 years and is none too happy with the lazy, messy, pot-smoking result. As if things weren’t hard enough, without a mortal body to help manage her phantom physical urges, Joanna’s new boyfriend Tristian, with his loose wandering soul and tight morals, presents an awkwardly arousing distraction. A distraction from the secret Aroha desperately wants hide from Joanna…

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Anxiety in a time of coronavirus: A way to be calm

Fear and anxiety go viral faster than any virus and have the potential to do far more harm. In a time when fear is depressing global markets, dividing nations and kindling racism and hatred management of anxiety has never been more important. This book offers methods of managing anxiety and some background on emotions, anxiety and the basis of the methods of managing it.

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Relationships From ‘Why?’ to ‘What for?’

This book is a basic guide to the concepts of human babies’ brain development, consciousness, the unconscious, memory and relationships. The book introduces these topics in simple, jargon-free terms and gives a taster of a future volume on what happens in coaching and psychotherapy and how these things work.

This book is intended for people who struggle with psychobabble and are interested in what makes them and others tick and what determines the way we relate to others.

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Order of the Stone – Book 1: The Dreaming Crystal

From twelve thousand years ago till 2096. The earth fights harder than ever against humanity. Technology fights a losing battle to keep everyone alive and magic is forgotten but far from gone. A few remain with the right genes, the right brains and enough love in them to keep them hoping. But will they be enough?

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