Order of the Stone – Book 1: The Dreaming Crystal

From twelve thousand years ago till 2096. The earth fights harder than ever against humanity. Technology fights a losing battle to keep everyone alive and magic is forgotten but far from gone. A few remain with the right genes, the right brains and enough love in them to keep them hoping. But will they be enough?


One reckless murder is all it takes to change the world forever. An angry ghost is trapped in a crystal prison and an unlucky few are fused to the Stone, doomed to an eternal torment of maddening shared memories.

But that was all twelve thousand years ago. Now it’s 2096 and there’s no magic and no ghosts; everyone knows! There are only little people forever scrambling to stay out of the way of big tech. Everyone knows humanity is beleaguered by drought, flooding, poverty and society shot through with corporate corruption. But no one has time to care.

Yet as Nate, Chen and Tina struggle to get by from day to day and pay to pay, the ancient ghost rages on in the Stone and the chains of power that bind it are weakening. Strange earthquakes gather force off the coast of Akarana Island and when an old house is demolished, something unbreakable is broken and Nate, Chen and Tina and everyone in the world will be drawn into the legacy of the curse of the ghost in the Stone whether they believe in such nonsense or not.

Hard Fantasy. Hard sci-fi. Gritty realism and golden characters.


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Realistic characters against an urban fantasy, hard science fiction background. When adversity closes in, who steps up and how?