Order of the Stone – Book 1: The Dreaming Crystal

Seismologist Victoria watches her instruments in horror. Strange earthquakes that should be cataclysmic for the islands if not the world, rumble off the Auckland Island coast then go inexplicably quiet. But they always come back and they always get worse. She tells her strange mother Ethel about them as she’s been asked to do but why does Ethel need to know?

A tortured spirit trapped in a stone grows restless as the ancient power that binds it begins to warp and fray.The few bound to eternal life by the same power that trapped her grow perilously insane, their minds straining under the weight of ten thousand years of shared memories.

Nothing could be further from Nathan’s mind than ghosts in stones and powerful crazy people from bygone millennia. Nor would his girlfriend Tina have given the idea the time of day even if she’d had time to between her mind-numbing double shifts and Nathan being wrongfully charged and forced into prison stasis after a trial barely worth the name. But after Tina comes across a baby lying in the dirt on a construction site and sees it start to grow before her eyes, her life takes a turn for the surreal.

Eighty-five-year-old Tristian Laufala, one of the wealthiest tech moguls alive might have had a lot more to say than anyone would ever have suspected given his well-known stance on ghosts and gods and all such claptrap. But six months after the death of his beloved Joanna, on the night their house is demolished, he is pulled into dreams of strangers lives in ancient times and gibbering ghosts in blue crystal places. Nobody can wake him and as his vital signs weaken and the dreams grow ever more vivid, he is decidedly unavailable for comment on any goings on in the waking world.


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