Anxiety in a time of Cornavirus: a way to be calm – Reinstated on Amazon!

Ok so this has been an interesting journey of rejection! …..And re-instaement!

What I said before: “Ian Ironwood is apparently allowed to promulgate his evil on Amazon for profit while I am disallowed from trying to add some good to the world and ask a modest fee for my work. My short book, Anxiety in a time of coronavirus: a way to be calm has recently been blocked on Amazon’s KDP platform after a few weeks of being on sale and an increasing number of KU pages read. I asked them why and their very short answer effectively said, ‘because we say so’ with a link to their content guidelines thrown in.

The guidelines are broad and generic and I can’t see how I’m breach of them but I guess someone at Amazon doesn’t like the book.

I think my book could be helpful to people suffering from anxiety about the coronavirus or any similar abstract threat so I’ve decided to put it online free for all to download without reservation save for observation of my copyright. I can’t get the picture in my gallery on my books page to link to it yet but here’s a download link you can use in the meantime.

And then this morning, Amazon sent me an email to say they had re-considered yet again and now re-instated the book on their site so I have removed the free download link since I now understand that would put me in breach of my 3-month contract with them. Here is the Amazon UK link although it’s available on all Amazon sites.

If you enjoy this book and find it useful, please go to its page and give it rating and review!

Please enjoy and spread to those this might help! Meanwhile, onward and upwards with my upcoming ghost story, ‘Aroha’.

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